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"Dr. Yeoman and I worked together in a mild/ moderate special day class for 5 years. I was consistently impressed with her natural ability to build relationships with the students, which allowed her to teach a very strong social-emotional curriculum. Students who were struggling socially made huge gains in their relationships with peers and family, demonstrated improved learner behavior, and increased ability to regulate their emotions and access coping skills."

— Laura, Classroom Paraprofessional



“I am always impressed with Dr. Yeoman's ability to navigate the IEP process as a whole. She builds strong relationships with students and families, has a great understanding of special education law, and how to apply it in different situations. She truly cares about the needs of students, and generates creative solutions that are workable for students and school personnel.”

— Stacey, Parent

It was my pleasure to work with Kara Yeoman when I was employed as a special education teacher in Fremont Unified School District. She supported my life skills-based program and my students’ unique needs as a program specialist. One of Ms. Yeoman’s focuses in the District was working with a particular thread of special education involving students with severe behavioral, cognitive, and life skills challenges. The position of program specialist is particularly demanding. Ms. Yeoman has a strong grounding in best practices for behavioral interventions and instructional techniques that address cognitive and life skill needs. She knows Special Education law and has a firm grasp of its practical application. In meetings with parents, legal representatives, and district administrators, Ms. Yeoman was able to forge collaborative team work. In these events emotions can run high. Ms. Yeoman has shown herself to be skilled at evaluating/communicating needs and best supports in a manner which kept the focus on the student. I have found Ms. Yeoman to have a strong moral compass with her north star being those who are in need and need someone to speak up for them.

-- Steve, Classroom Teacher

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